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The Role of Infant Oral Health Exams

Oral health is directly linked to your overall health and well-being. Ideally, a focus on oral health should begin in the earliest stages of life even… Keep Reading

3 Comfort Methods We Provide for Your Child

When it comes to the dentist, has your child ever expressed genuine fear ahead of their appointment? Do they have trouble sitting still while… Keep Reading

Is Mouthwash Safe for Kids?

Mouthwash tends to be a no-brainer when it comes to adults and their oral hygiene. It’s easy to use, works great, and fights cavity-causing… Keep Reading

What Makes a Pediatric Dentist Different?

At face value, a dentist is a dentist. All receive the same education and have the same expertise. However, that isn’t true. Just as doctors… Keep Reading

How Do I Get My Child to Floss?

Sometimes it feels like it’s hard enough to encourage your child to brush their teeth let alone floss every day. While it may take some extra… Keep Reading

3 Ways to Tell if Your Child Has a Cavity

Children are told to brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss but let’s be honest, they’re not always the most reliable when they’re… Keep Reading

Tips for Healthy Teeth This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year which means an influx of delicious cookies, candy, and homemade family recipes. Being surrounded by everything… Keep Reading

4 Reasons Why Teens Should Still See a Pediatric Dentist

It’s easy to think that your teenager is too old to have an appointment with one of our Grandville pediatric dentists. Quite the contrary… Keep Reading

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity in Kids?

As adults, we’re used to the feeling of sensitive teeth. Oftentimes, we can tell the difference between when something… Keep Reading

Debunking Myths About Sedation Dentistry

Not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of dental sedation. Some parents may have only received laughing gas when they were younger… Keep Reading

What Are Shark Teeth?

Your child is not going to turn into an aquatic predator if one of our Grandville pediatric dentists discovers they have shark teeth!… Keep Reading

Are Baby Teeth Really That Important?

Baby teeth are often cast aside or deemed less important because they’re temporary and fall out with time… Keep Reading

4 Advantages of Using Fluoride

Being a kid should be fun and carefree. Cavities, on the other hand, do not have to play a…. Keep Reading

What Are the First Signs of Teething?

Babies grow and develop faster than you want them to sometimes. One day you’re bringing…. Keep Reading

What to Expect With Pediatric Dental Crowns

If your child has a decayed or injured baby tooth, our Grandville pediatric dentists may recommend…. Keep Reading

When Should My Child Get Braces?

As your child ages, the discussion about orthodontic intervention will come into play…. Keep Reading

What to Do With Loose Baby Teeth: Pull or Not Pull?

Our Grandville pediatric dentists know how much of a huge milestone it is when your child comes and tells…. Keep Reading

5 Ways to Calm Your Child’s Nerves Before the Dentist

Whether your child has been to the dentist several times, or this is their first experience, anxiety is not uncommon. Keep Reading

How to “Brush” Before Teeth

There are a lot of things to worry about with a new baby. Feeding times, diaper changing, mandatory naps, and so on. It can feel…. Keep Reading

Guide to Stopping Thumb and Pacifier Habits

Watching your baby sleep peacefully with a pacifier or thumb in their mouth is always cute. But what if…. Keep Reading

The Dangers of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

All parents want the best for their children. Because of this, it can be easy to rely on bottles or cups… Keep Reading

Picking the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Kids grow so fast and right before our eyes. One day you are bringing them in for their first dental exam… Keep Reading

How Can Diet Affect Oral Health?

What your child eats affects their entire body of course, but food plays a role in their dental health as well. Keep Reading

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Every parent knows how important it is to establish oral hygiene habits at home when children are still quite young. But… Keep Reading

4 Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun

In step with the widely accepted standard, our Grandville, MI, pediatric dentists recommend that your child receive a dental cleaning every 6 months… Keep Reading

Does My Child Need a Space Maintainer?

As your child grows and develops, so does their mouth. More specifically, their teeth change as they transition from baby to more permanent, or adult. Keep Reading

How Safe is Laughing Gas for My Child?

Going to the dentist can be a scary and intimidating experience for a young child. There are new people, a lot of things to look at, and unfamiliar requests being Keep Reading

What to Do for 8 Different Dental Emergencies

If your child is experiencing a dental emergency, timing is critical. Don’t delay in seeking emergency dental care from our Grandville, MI, pediatric dentists… Keep Reading

How Often Should My Child See the Dentist?

At Grandville Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend that your child should have their first visit by their first birthday or when a first tooth comes in. Keep Reading

5 Common Oral Health Problems & How to Prevent Them

Most parents work hard to help their children prevent cavities. However, there are other types of oral health problems that can pose a risk to your child’s smile. Keep Reading

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